Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5s Journal - Prompt 4 - Pictures & Words and Prompt 5 - Pen & Ink

Hello creative friends.  I hope everyone is having a great week.  Here is the final 2 videos, video 4 - Pictures & Words and video 5 - Pen & Ink, for a 5s journal that I created.  I came across a video from Cat Hand where she was creating a 5s journal.  She got the idea from a video Shannon Green posted.  And I just had to try it.  The idea of a 5s journal is 5 Sessions, 10 Prompts, 15 Minutes on 20 Pages.  Basically you have 5 sessions for 15 minutes each to work on 20 pages as you go through the 10 prompts below:

1. Paint & Ink
2. Collage & Recycled Papers
3. Stamps & Stencils
4. Words & Images
5. Pen & Ink.

Shannon Green explains the whole process in her video located here:

And Cat Hand's 1st video showing her 5s journal process can be found here:  

The journal I used had 30 pages so I allowed myself 25 minutes for each session, however I only was able to complete one of the prompts within the 25 minutes allotted.  It was quite challenging, but a lot of fun.  Here are four more pictures from the completed journal:

Here is the 4th video for the 5s Journal I created for pictures and words.  This is where the journal really started to come together.

And here is the 5th video for the 5s Journal I created for pen and ink.  I used pens to outline items and do some doodling.  But since this is a quick video and the journal is pretty much complete at this point, I decided to go ahead and post this one as well.

Hope you enjoy the videos and I hope you try creating your own 5s journal.  It was so much fun that I plan to do another one soon.  Until next time, happy creating.

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