Saturday, November 30, 2013

Flowers in Bloom

This is an acrylic on canvas painting I created several years ago.  I gave it to my daughter for Christmas the year before last and she has it hanging in her bedroom.  I love the background colors and how the pink flowers pop against the background.

Iron Gate

This is an acrylic on canvas painting I did for my son and his wife for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I used a liquid mask for the gate, painted the background and then removed the mask and painted the gate.  I like the ornate design on the gate.

Lighthouse on Rocks

This is a painting I did for my hubby.  I painted this quite a few years ago for him before we were married.  We just got married this year in May.  It is acrylic on canvas and currently hangs in our living room.  I love lighthouses and I really enjoyed painting this one. 

My Favorite Life Book 2013 Journal Pages

These are some of my favorite art journal pages from Life Book 2013.  I have really enjoyed Life Book this year and really looking forward to Lifebook 2014.  Although I have been doing art for years, I have learned a lot this past year about myself, my art and some new techniques.  I recommend Life Book to anyone who enjoys being creative or wants to start art journaling.  I am hoping some day I will be able to teach a class or two for Life Book myself.  Happy journaling.

Trip to Atlanta, GA

A journal page I created after a trip to Atlanta, GA.  I traveled there for business and saw a bunch of red tulips that were in full bloom, which inspired this journal page.  Nature inspires my art in every way.  I get more inspiration from nature that anywhere else or anything else.  What in nature have you experienced recently that has inspired you to create a journal page? 

Sea World trip

An art journal page that was inspired after a trip to Sea World with my Husband a couple of years ago.  I love to draw and paint animals and enjoyed doing this layout in my journal.  Have you done a journal page recently that was inspired by an event?  I would love to hear about it. 

Art Journal page from St. Augustine, FL trip

An art journal page that was inspired after a trip to St. Augustine, FL a couple of years ago with my now husband.  I wanted to remember my trip there and included the things I like the best about the trip.  It is a combination of painted elements and ephemera from our trip.  What trips have you taken lately that have inspired you to create a journal page?