Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Journal Pages - Confident, Confession, Love and Courage

Hello creative friends.  I hope everyone is having a good week.  My granddaughter came to visit this weekend and OMG she is growing up so fast.  She is 13 going on 16 and those of you with teen daughters know what I mean.  She hasn't come for a visit in a while, which understandably she would rather hang out with her friends than grandma, but I sure do enjoy spending time with her.  This weekend we created several journal pages.  The first journal pages we created we decided to draw a face and then put the face on a journal page.  I have been practicing drawing faces as much as possible so this page was fun to make and getting better at drawing faces all the time.  Here is the journal page I created and I think the face I drew has a confident look, so I added the word "Confident":

Here is the journal page my granddaughter made with the word "Confession".  She is getting really good at drawing faces as well.
Here is another face that my granddaughter drew, which I think turned out really good.  FYI - according to my granddaughter the dot on her nose and the two dots under her bottom lip are earrings, not moles LOL.
Then we decided to do a journal page based on what product names we pulled from a cup, an idea we got from Jennibellie.  The order of the products I pulled was: Stamps, Crayons/Markers, Collage, Paint and Ephemera.  Not my favorite page, but it was fun to make.   

Here is the page my granddaughter made.  She pulled supplies in the following order: Stamps, Stencils, Oil Pastels/Markers, Collage and Paint.

As always we had a lot of fun getting messy and art journaling this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a great week. Until next time, happy creating.

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