Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Travel Journal and Kit

Hello creative friends.  As of late life is getting in the way of my creative process as it sometimes does.  I have been focusing on completing a class to maintain a certification for work.  So I do not have much to show, but I though I would show you some pages from my travel journal that I've done recently.  I put together a travel kit so that I could do art on the go or during my lunch at work.  In my travel kit I have a small journal, pencils, pens, color pencils, markers, a small watercolor kit and a tablet with pictures on it from my vacations and trips.  Here are some drawings I did in pen and color pencil from pictures I took while on my honeymoon last year in Gatlinburg, GA.  This is a drawing of the cabin that we stayed in. 

This is a picture that I drew of the scenery looking out of the living room window of the cabin.
And here are a couple of drawing I did of the leaves on the trees outside the window.  I traced the leaves onto my page and then drew in the vanes and colored the leaves.

I am glad that I put together a travel journal as this is an easy, quick way to squeeze art into your life when life gets in the way of creating and gets busy.  At first I was reluctant to put a travel kit together as I wasn't sure how much use it would get, but I am finding more opportunities the use it, even at home when I just want to do a quick sketch or drawing.  Do you have a travel kit to do art on the go?  What have you included in your travel kit? I would love to hear what you include in your travel kit and see some of the art you have created on the go.  Well, back to studying.  Until next time, have a great week.  


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