Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Visit to the Harn Museum

Hello creative friends.  This past week was a very busy week for me.  Thursday night I accompanied a friend to an opening at the Harn Museum.  Friday night and Saturday I joined another group of ladies for scrapbooking and got a lot of scrapbook pages done.  However, I also realized I am 4 year behind on my scrapbooking, yikes.  I guess I have been having too much fun art journaling and painting.  And what little bit of time I was able to spend in my craft room over the weekend was spent messing around.  I managed to put some paint on paper and start a couple of ICADs but was not able to finish anything.  I have been watching Aaron's Imperfect Impulses YouTube videos and he has me interested in trying some ICADs, which I will share what I have done next weekend once I finish the one's I've started.  For now here are a few pictures from my visit to the Harn Museum.

They have a lovely oriental garden.  Which I took several pictures of so that I can maybe do a painting of it.

A few of the art pieces that I liked and found interesting.

A few pictures of the reception.  It was a nice gathering and they had great appetizers and drinks.

And a picture of the museum at night that I snapped as we were leaving.

We had a great time and saw works from local artists.  This was the first time I have visited this museum and would like to visit again sometime.  Have you visited any good museum's lately?  I would love to hear about your favorite museum's to visit.  Until next time, happy creating.

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