Sunday, March 9, 2014

Back to basics

Hi creative souls!  This week I decided to get back to basics.  Back to my first love of art, which is drawing.  When I was younger I use to draw all the time.  Mostly animals, which I have not done a lot of in my art journal.  I have some of my artwork from my younger days and its interesting to see how I have evolved.  Lately I have just had the urge to get back to basics and draw like I use to.  I decided to also incorporate some experimenting in the process as well.  Because of course as artists we have to try different things in order to find what works for us, styles we like and supplies we like to use.  So this week was about getting back to basics, experimenting and having fun with art.  The first drawing I decided to do was a simple pencil drawing of an elephant.

Then I decide to experiment with pen and ink.  I also wanted to experiment with variations of gray tones using watercolor paint and create the following artwork of a girl on a horse.  The only color is her red lips.
Then I decided to experiment with colored pencils.  I recently bought some Prismacolor pencils and wanted to see what I could do with those and created the following artwork of a tiger in the snow. 

I am going to experiment further and try to incorporate animals and drawing more into my journal pages. 

My granddaughter also came to stay for the weekend and we had fun playing around with paints and stamps on tags. 

Here are the tags I created. 

And here are the tags that she created.

We are planning to use some of the tags on journal pages.  My granddaughter also has an art journal that she is creating in and adds to it whenever she comes to stay.  I will have to do a post on her art journal pages soon.  What have you done lately by way of getting back to basics in your art and just experimenting and having fun with tools, supplies and techniques?  I would love to hear from you.  Until next time, happy journaling.

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