Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Room Tour and Inexpensive Organization Ideas

Hello creative friends.  Hope everyone is having a good week.  Mine is going well.  We weathered Hurricane Matthew well, thankfully.  Just had some limbs fall on the roof, but no damage thankfully, and lost power for a couple of hours.  But all in all we faired better than others.  As promised, this week I have a video showing a tour of my art room and ideas for inexpensive organization of your art supplies.  My art room was getting so cluttered with stuff that I was having trouble finding supplies that I needed when I needed them.  So my husband put up shelves in my art room for my Birthday so that I could get better organized.  Which forced me to go through everything and rearranged and reorganized my art room and supplies.  Some ideas are what I've showed in a previous video several year ago, others are new storage items and organizational ideas.  Some items were purchased inexpensively, some were free/recycled items and some were repurposed from stuff I already had around the house.  And in this video I added an intro, even though I don't like my picture taken or especially being on video, so please forgive the nervousness.  Here is the video of my room tour and inexpensive organizational idea:

Hope you like the video and that it gives you some ideas for organizing your art supplies inexpensively.  I prefer spending money on art supplies, rather than containers and storage.  And I prefer an organized room so that I can find what I am looking for when I need it.  If you have any questions, or ideas of your own, please leave a comment and I will reply.  Thank you for stopping by.  Until next time, happy creating.

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