Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Art Journal Page - Believe in Miracles

Hello creative friends.  Hope everyone is having a good week.  My week has been a bit frustrating, so even though I had a longer weekend I was not much in the mood for being creative.  However, this week I have an art journal page I created a bit ago.  I created an art journal page using spray inks, stencils, stamps, Gesso, a stabile pencil and a Posca white pen.  I  created a background with lots of layers and interest and using spray ink, stencils and stamps and then used a stabile pencil to draw animals on the page.  I added some letter stickers to the page to spell Believe and Miracle.  Then I painted over the words and around the animals with black gesso.  I pealed off the letter stickers to reveal the background underneath and then used a white Posca pen to write (-in-) between the words, added highlights around the words and then put dash marks around the entire page.  Here are pics of the art journal page I created.

And here is a video showing how I created this journal page.

I like the way this journal page turned out.  It was fun to do and I like the interesting background that you can see through the animals I drew and the words.  I hope you like the video and that you have a good week.  Until next time, Happy Creating.

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